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Here's a tiny little snippet of her new song, she played it last night in Portsmouth, NH. I only got about a minute of it, before I was told to put the camera away.

It's called "A Way to You." (I keep wanting to call it "Way Back Into Love." But that's not right! :)

Let the sun shine... let the sun shine...

Cross posted from chickflick1979.blogspot.com, my thoughts on "Hair:"

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Brandi Carlile, Rock Star Edition

So I spent the last 2 days at more Brandi shows here in the Boston area. Read about them here:

These two entries are cross posted from http://chickflick1979.blogspot.com

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New blog post by me

Don't mind me, I'm just pimping my own book blog on here. I started this blog a few months ago as an application for a scholarship, and then never updated it. But this semester, I was assigned to keep a reading journal of YA books for my YA lit class. It's not due until the end of the semester, but I figured I could do it on my blog, and I started adding stuff to it already. So check out my new blog post!


Where I've been for the past few days...

So, this story is too long to put on facebook, but here's the update on my trip and so forth:

I finally made it to LA, though I probably should have stayed in Big Sur and hung out at the beach longer. I got to see lots of people in LA, though I never did get to do all that relaxing and swimming I was going to do.

Mom and I headed for Vegas, and I couldn't remember the last time the two of us had taken a road trip together. College, maybe? Anyway, we sang country songs in the car and stopped at a roadside diner that Mom loves (though, I'm still not convinced that wasn't what led to the next bit of tsuris).

We stayed at the Excalibur, which is kind of crappy, but turned out to be an OK home away from home, aside from the food. We ate dinner at the buffet, gambled a little, wandered around, and were having a nice time until I ate a snack at McDonald's, woke up at 2 am, and proceeded to puke my guts out for the next two days. Mom had to reserve the hotel for another night, constantly refresh the ice bucket, change her plane ticket, and sweet talk her way into a refund for our Bette tickets (which was half the reason I wanted to go to Vegas in the first place). She even called the paramedics, but we wouldn't let them take me to the hospital so they left. I have to say, when the police came to take the report, I scoffed when he said "the firemen are on their way - you'll love them, all the girls love firemen." Because, what a lame thing to say. However, they were really hot firemen. They lived up to their stereotype.

Anyway, I continued to puke my guts out and eat ice chips while Mom lost a bunch of money on the slots. ("Dad loves the slots!" If you can name that buried reference, I'll give you a cookie. Especially since I won't be eating cookies for another two weeks.) We finally did see Bette the next night, even though we had to pay full price for the tickets and I was still feeling queasy. Bette was fabulous, as she should be. I do love her comedy bits, though she is right when she makes fun of the audience for laughing at the same jokes she's been telling for 30 years. They even upgraded our seats when half the orchestra was empty and they were trying to fill seats. We also took the driving tour of the Las Vegas Strip on the way to see Bette. Let me tell you, the air conditioned car is the best way to see Vegas. If you get stuck at the stoplight in front of the Bellagio, roll down the windows and watch the fountains!

When I had finally graduated from ice chips to Gatorade, string cheese and pita chips (all from Whole Foods - I refused to eat anything else from any Vegas hotel, and insisted that we go find the Whole Foods, much to Mom's annoyance), we decided that Mom would leave the next morning while I set off for Chicago.

Today I went to Zion National Park, and then drove to Salt Lake City. I ate too many sliced apples, and didn't do too well in the afternoon. Now I'm trying to go to bed and I miss having my mom to take care of me! I have no idea what the next few days will bring, as I have to drive all the way through Wyoming and South Dakota.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

OK. So I had all these posts planned out, and in the great tradition of Sarah Vowell. Bill Bryson, and about every travel writer ever, I was going to have "themes" and thesis statements for each of my daily travel posts. (Montana = geography, Minneapolis = The Mary Tyler Moore Show, North Dakota = music, and so on.) I'm still working on some of these, but they'll end up being written way after my trip, at this rate. (They're all written down in my little notebook.)

In the interest of exhaustion and general laziness, though, I just want to get out my adventures, so without flowery prose, and in barely correct prose, here goes.

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Fun facts/diversions/silliness:

- On the radio in Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis: Christian Rock, Christian Country, church services, Mormon church services (it was Sunday), and the usual Clearchannel top 40 and "alternative" stations.

- On the radio in Idaho: Christian Rock, Christian Country, Christian Rock again, Country, Country, New Country, Old Country, NPR, and one top 40 station. I would have liked any of the country stations if they hadn't been consistently playing Toby Keith, Tim McGraw and Reba McEntire.

- My conversation with the park ranger who took my ticket this morning:
Her: Is Winnie the Pooh having a good time? (Referring to the stuffed Pooh who sits perched on a pillow in my back seat.)
Me: Yes, he is. He came to visit his friends.
Her (amazingly, still playing along): Did he see any of them?
Me: Yes, he did. He said hello.
Her (... and, now she's done): Well, ok. You have fun now.

OK. Now I have to go close my eyes because they feel like someone is repeatedly stabbing them with needles.

Pictures from Yellowstone Day 2:
Note: I deleted the other entry, because I'm about to post a bunch of other ones that are better. I'm a few days behind, so here is today's, but I have the other two days hand written waiting to be typed.

Today I set off on my big Yellowstone adventure, driving through half the state of Montana before reaching the depot of West Yellowstone. Before I left, I had grand plans of taking the scenic route to Yellowstone, over the mountains and through the valley where wildlife is said to abound. But weather and geography got in the way of my plans, as they are wont to do. My pictures of the area of the country known as Big Sky Country just look like Arizona in the rain, and I didn’t get to venture off the interstate, for fear of being struck by lightning or ending up arriving at my hotel after midnight. All of these thwarted attempts at experiencing the big wide wilderness got me thinking about geography, location, weather, and the relative importance of all of those things.

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Please see my pictures here on Facebook:
OK, so that title is lifted from Adam Vary's astute "So You Think You Can Dance" recap in Entertainment Weekly. But they always say it better than I could, so I thought I would start with that.

I wasn't going to post about the show here, because I didn't think I had enough to say, and I didn't think anybody read this anymore. But that was before the dumbassery ensued, and Facebook has it's limitations.

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That's all. Can't wait for next week! What did y'all think?
I'm watching Kelly Clarkson on Ellen in order to get Grey's out of my head. That was seriously creepy. I'm a little traumatized.

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I can't even say anything else, because the whole thing was so nonsensical that I can't deal with it.

"Margot Fonteyn didn't have great feet..."

I felt all day today like I was about to jump out of my skin, so I decided to go to dance class. I really wanted to try out this lyrical jazz class, but only 2 of us showed up, and they won't teach the class if less than 5 people are there.

So, I got back in the car and went to the other dance studio, all the way across town, and ended up in a Basic Ballet class. I could have taken a normal jazz class, but I didn't feel like being lively and dancing to Fergie or whatever. I wanted something a little more froofy (as in, for once I kind of wanted the teacher who was going to say "be your own windkeeper" or whatever), so I settled on ballet, but the only class at that time was baby ballet.

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But, the teacher did say I had "nice feet," which totally reminded me of Center Stage.